At Steeple on the Beach Montessori School, we understand that finding an appropriate school for your child is emotionally taxing at the best of times. We are also aware that there are children who suffer from life threatening allergies who need a safe environment in which to grow and thrive.

​Many adults do not understand the severity of life threatening allergies. They do not know to look for the less obvious grey pallor in skin, inability to swallow, and at times, a desire to be unnoticed and suffer in silence.

​As a parent of a child with multiple life threatening allergies, I created this school as a safe haven for children who need a little more care and attentiveness. I created this school for parents like myself who worried each day that their child might be exposed to a tiny life threatening  piece of food or air born allergen..

All families of children with severe allergies, will be asked to give a detailed overview of their child's history, a list of triggers, and protocol for maintaining health and initiating emergency procedures.

Imagine taking your child to school and walking away with a peace of mind knowing they are happy and safe!

Elizabeth Sinatra