Lot's of love, laughter and learning!

A bit about us...

At Steeple on the Beach, we provide a safe, happy, healthy, and purposeful environment for all our students. Within these walls, we have created a home-like atmosphere which allows our students to become comfortable and at ease quickly in their classroom. In accordance with the Montessori philosophy, children move freely and experience their environment while respecting the rights of others. At Steeple on the Beach Montessori School, we support high standards of education for our young students. We encourage our students to be productive and to share their talents with others. For Steeple on the Beach Montessori School to be successful, it is imperative that the parents and the school work together for the benefit of the child. Our family consists of children, parents, and teachers. We welcome and embrace families of all faiths and cultures.
Our resources and experience are available to all our families to assist in the growth and development of our precious students.

Elizabeth Sinatra
Owner and Principal