Visual Art: Children learn about famous artists, their methods and develop their skills using different tools and mediums.

Drama: Children learn movement, pantomime, clowning, slapstick, story-telling and skit development.

Taekwondo: The children learn basic Taekwondo skills such as: kicks, blocks, punches, synchronized movements, safety and self-defense. Safer Smarter Kids Program (Lauren's Kids)

Dance: Body isolation movement and warm-ups, Folk Dance, World Group Dances.

Music: The children will learn about Percussion Instruments, vocal development, Pitch, rhythm, basic theory.

Choir is every Saturday morning. The children sing as a group and: also have the opportunity to sing as soloists. They are taught to warm up, control volume and pitch, and have fun! This is a church choir (Community Presbyterian Church) and the children will sing in the church several time throughout the year.

News Reports: Once a week, full day students prepare a news report to share with friends and family.

​The children have an opportunity to perform on stage twice a year.

Montessori is a science of learning and all children are fascinated by science! SOTB has a dynamic Science program which encourages our students to manipulate and discover their way through a scientific exploration.

SOTB has always taught a second language to our young students. Italian and Spanish are taught as a group lesson and both languages are used throughout the day as the teachers speak to the children.

Fine Arts

As well as our remarkable Montessori Program, our students are given a fine arts lesson  each day.


Science lessons are kept on the shelves for the children to continue working with. Zoology and Science Workshops are given twice a month for hands on exploration and discovery.